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AA Leather repairs, fixes, restores, rebinds, and recovers your bible in genuine cowhide. You will end up with a repaired, better than new leather bible
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  • Leather Liner Bible Cover
  • Two-Tone Leather Bible
  • Add lined sheets for your bible notes


  • Expedited Service ($39)
    • We offer expedited service to get your bible finished in a 1 week turnaround (usually 3-4 weeks otherwise).
  • Leather Liner ($39)
    • Leather liners are included in the prices for all leathers except for cowhide. The prices of cowhide leather rebinds come with standard bible endsheets.  With a leather liner, we replace the standard endsheet with leather on the inside of the cover.  This makes for the most supple, flexible, and full leather feel cover.  If you are one that likes to roll their cover, this is what you want!  The standard yapp for a leather liner is 3/8″.
  • Raised Ribs/Hubs ($9)
    • Raised ribs are protruding lines on the spine of the cover giving your Bible an antique look.  They are completely aesthetic and do not add to the durability of the binding.
  • Full Yapp (up to $15)
    • A full yapp means that the edge of the cover extends far enough beyond the edge of the book so that when the book is closed, the front and back cover can touch.  The price will vary depending on the leather type and the thickness of the Bible.  For example, on a thin-line Bible, it could only be $5.
  • Deeper Truth Reference Sheets ($10)
    • By Dr. Samuel Greene of Narrow Way Ministries (www.Brother-Sam.org).  This includes two reference pages being added to your bible:  
      • 1) the first page is a list of all the numbers, colors, and directions found in Scripture and their spiritual significance.  This list was compiled after years of exhaustive study of the Scriptures by Dr. Samuel Greene,
      • 2) the second page is a list of all the covenant names of God as found in Scripture and their meaning (36 listed here).  
  • Flap With Snap ($20)
  • Two-Tone Bible ($39)
    • When ordering, please specify the color of the leather for the spine versus the front/back cover.
  • Zipper ($35)
    • We use only high quality ykk brass zippers.
  • Matching Monogrammed Journal ($45-65)
    • You can choose from any style/closure such as flap with wrap around leather, snap, no closure, etc.
  • Excessive Repair (price varies per case)
    • Our standard binding repair includes up to 1.5 hours of repair time.  If we expect a bible will exceed 1.5 hours, we will contact you to inform you of excessive repair charges before we proceed.
  • Page Mending and Repair ($5-$7 per page)
    • For worn and torn pages (more severe than just a tear), we can “laminate” them to preserve them and keep them in tact.
  • 20 Lined Sheets ($20)
  • Custom Hand-Tooled Art (call for quote)

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