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AA Leather repairs and rebinds Bibles in genuine leathers such as cowhide, goatskin, calfskin, and lambskin. We also do Antique Bible restoration. AA Leather Shoppe offers monogrammed made-to-order leather wallets, leather bracelets, and leather folders. We also sell leather Bibles as well.
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 82 reviews
by Richard on AA Leather
NKJV Rebind
Leather: Medium Blue Goatskin

I just got my Bible back from AA leather today and they did an awesome job, I love it, I am so happy with the job and service they provided, Andrew was so helpful and knowledgeable and went out of his way to help me make a decision on the ideas I had, he was even so kind to send me samples of the leathers I was considering for this rebind. I know I will treasure this Bible for years to come.There phone service and email service was awesome too, every one responds quick and is so nice.Thank you AA leather for helping me create my dream Bible!

by Peter Jon Shuler on AA Leather
New life for my beloved Bible
Leather: Black Cowhide

My Bible came today and I am thrilled! You did a beautiful job in restoring my precious Bible to better than new condition. After 40 years, it's filled with valuable notes and underlining, but was starting to fall apart. You've given it new life so it can continue to provide comfort and inspiration for many more years to come. The craftsmanship is superb. And working with you and your staff was a blessing and a joy. You mentioned in your enclosed note how the business has been the Lord's provision for subsidizing your calling in the ministry. I would add that the business in itself is a ministry and blessing to many, including myself.

by Laurinda Garner on AA Leather
Beyond Pleased!
Leather: cowhide

I am beyond pleased with my new bible!! AA Leather took my paper back bible and transformed it into a beautiful leather bible that I will love using for years to come. The craftsmanship is superb, the leather soft and supple, and printing just put it over the top! My only regret is that I did not order more ribbons. So beautiful!! THANK YOU!!!

by Kirk Benson on AA Leather
Excellent Craftsmanship & Beautiful Leather
Leather: Nappa Goatskin

My favorite Bible is 12 years old, I bought it because I loved the font size and page layout... the downside was it came with a cheap “pleather” cover. Recently the cover really started to deteriorate, so it was time to get it rebound. After searching online one night, I found AA Leather Bible Bindery. What impressed me right away were all of the GREAT customer reviews. Customers who were not only pleased with their beautifully restored Bibles, but also with all of the wonderful people who work there too. I chose Nappa Goatskin (Black) for it’s beautiful pebble grain texture and couldn’t be happier. It’s incredibly soft and supple, and has that fantastic leather smell. They might be a bit more expensive than others, but the quality of their craftsmanship and leathers are completely worth it IMHO. If your looking to get your “favorite” Bible repaired and rebound, I highly recommend AA Leather... super nice people too. Thanks to the whole team at AA Leather... I love my new Nappa Goatskin cover, and will highly recommend you to all my friends and family. Blessings to you always.

by Rodger Stearns on AA Leather
Beautiful Bible Restoration
Leather: Cowhide with leather liner

I just got my preaching Bible back from AA Leather today, and I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful job they have done in restoring and rebinding it in cowhide with a leather liner.This Cambridge Bible was a special gift from my wife in 1983 and I have used it in the pulpit for 34 years. It was falling apart. Now I think it can last at least another 34 years. Thank you Andrew, Aaron and Abby for your beautiful work!

by Scott Armitage on AA Leather
Highest Quality!
Leather: Calfskin

First, I want it clear that I did not receive any compensation for this review. Second, I have had my Bible from AA for a couple of months now, so this is not a 'just opened the box' review.I have had several Bibles re-bound and covered by four other companies in the U.S. in the last couple of decades. None of them, and I mean absolutely, positively, unequivicolly NONE of them compare to the Bible from AA! The workmanship, attention to detail, binding, EVERYTHING are completely unbeatable. I opted for the calfskin, which is amazing and soft, as well as the leather inner lining, which I've never had before. Everyone I show it to is amazed.Additionally, the completion/turnaround time is unsurpassed in this industry. I paid for the quick service and it was done right away. However, the standard completion time beats everyone out there. I have waited over nine months for other companies, and they act like that is just how long it takes. AA is not this way at all. Great communication, fast and unsurpassed quality and service. I wish blessing and prosperity on such a conscientious company.I am also using them for additional Bibles for gifts, and I plan on using them for some of my other Bibles that the binding has worn out on.I cannot say enough good things about the work they did for me.Scott

by Brad Gault on AA Leather
Premium quality !
Leather: Goatskin

I own a number of premium bound bibles (Allan, Schuyler, etc) and absolutely love them but had one bible in a biding that I did not care for so based on many of the reviews that I saw I sent to AA Leather to see what they could do. All I can say is wow! It now looks and feels just like my other Allan and Schuyler bound bibles. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Communication and service is outstanding.

by Diann Jackson on AA Leather
Leather: Dyed Goatskin

I have searched everywhere for a purple leather Bible. Finally found AA Leather and had my Bible recovered. When I received my bible back I was thrilled with the beautiful color purple. The customer service was excellent. Will be sending another Bible to be recovered after the first of the year.

by Jeff Sprague on AA Leather
Beyond my highest expectations!
Leather: Cowhide

After having been told by a local binder that there is nothing that can be done with my bonded leather Bible which was falling apart at the spine, I discovered AA Leather on the web and decided to give it a try. After seeing the pictures online, I couldn't wait to see what they could do to save my Bible, but I also fully expected that some of the pages and sections could not be saved. However, in less than half the time that I was told it would take, I received my Bible back and am so amazed! Every page is included, the cowhide is unbelievably soft, and if it were not for my notes on the inside, I would think that this was a brand new Bible. In fact, I must say that I have never seen a new Bible on a bookstore shelf that matches the beauty and quality of the new soft leather and binding. While I suppose that I could have spent less money buying a new Bible of high quality, words cannot express how happy I am to have my own Bible back in a higher quality condition than when it was brand new, and also to know that I can continue to use the Bible which I have used my entire adult life complete with my notations and highlighting. Thank you! This was more than just money well-spent; it is like a gift that far exceeded anything I would have expected.

by Alex Wilcox on AA Leather
Leather: Lambskin

I will always do business with AA Leather! They took my old Bible that the cover was falling off of and completely rebound it and made it good as new! A++++++

by Fr. Murchadh O'Madagain on AA Leather
Leather: Cowhide

I just had 3 Breviaries (prayer books a priest uses daily throughout the year)rebound. I've had them for 20 years and they weren't in bad condition but the rebinding is absolutely beautiful. Great craftsmanship. I will recommend you to others.

by Michelle on AA Leather
Leather: Burnt Orange Cowhide and Cinnamon Italia Cowhide

AA Leather did a fantastic job on my Bible rebinds. The first Bible I sent in was for the June special Cinnamon Italia Cowhide - wonderfully done.I was so impressed that I sent in one of my favorite Bibles (C.S. Lewis Bible - NRSV) for a rebind. I received the finished rebind today and was stunned by the beauty of this Burnt Orange Cowhide. I asked AA Leather to pick the color of leather liner as well as ribbons. I could not have picked a better color combination if I tried. Simply beautiful!Liz and AA Leather are wonderful. It is an honor to support their mission/ministry. I will without hesitation send other Bibles in for rebinding. Thank you and God Bless

by Chris and Lori King on AA Leather
Best Binding Ever

Just got my Bible back from these folks. Wow! It looks brand new. I was quite attached to my old Bible with all of its notes and highlighting from over the years. I hated when the pages started falling out and the cover fell apart. My sweet hubby Chris King , sent it off to get it recovered. These folks were so awesome, staying in touch with personal calls regarding status and questions, making sure it was just as I wanted it. I now have my teal print Bible covered in soft blue spruce colored leather. It is beyond beautiful and will last for years and years. If you need anything rebound/recovered, please contact Andrew and Aaron.

by Connor on AA Leather
Very pleased!
Leather: Italia cowhide, various colors

I sent my first rebinds to AA, a very large order that was mostly presents to other people. As others have said in their reviews, I believe AA is incredibly underrated. The Bibles all turned out absolutely beautiful. The leather is incredible, as is the workmanship, crispness of the stamping, and all other aspects of the binding. I also had them add a zipper on quite a few of the Bibles in my order and could not be happier with how they look. I would recommend AA Leather to anyone looking for a rebind in the future and plan on being a repeat customer sometime in the near future. Thank you Andrew and team!

by Grace on AA Leather
Leather: Nappa goatskin

This is, in my opinion, a severely, severely underrated Bible Bindery. AA Leather did a phenomenal job with my Bible and working with them was an absolute pleasure. Their leather I chose feels great in the hand, their cornerwork and cutting is done with precision, and they finished earlier than I expected. I'll definitely be returning.

by Neil Mowbray on AA Leather
Awesome work, quick and friendly service
Leather: Cinnamon Italia Calfskin

I had an old family Bible published in 1951 in a very inexpensive bonded leather. The cover had become extremely hard and brittle, and had cracked along the seam. I sent it to AA Leather and requested their June 2017 special offer to cover the Bible in new Cinnamon Italia Calfskin, to add 5 ribbons in matching colors, and to imprint the edge with the words Holy Bible and Holy Trinity Edition. Liz at AA Leather, who is extremely friendly and helpful, told me it would take about 4 weeks after they received the Bible. In just about that exact time, I received my Bible back and all I can say is WOW! Their work has exceeded my expectations and is worth every penny that I paid. It's simply beautiful and bound in a very soft, smooth, flexible leather that is a pleasure to hold and feel. I'm extremely glad I chose AA Leather and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have an old Bible repaired or rebound. The cost was very reasonable, and the service was superb. Thank you, AA Leather!

by Helen June Daniels on AA Leather
Bindery Of Old Bible
Leather: Cinnamon Italia Calfskin/June Special

My old Life Application KJV bible looks gorgeous with it's new Cinnamon Italia Calfskin cover. I chose three wide ribbons to represent the trinity, silver, rust, and red. It is engraved with my name in script and my birthdate. Inside, I renewed the presentation pages and added the extra sheets at the end for writing special thoughts/poems/scriptures meaningful to me. They repaired a few pages that had gotten wet from holding a cold, sweating glass too close and they are like new. The inside covers are also leather. I am astonished at the high quality of this workmanship. Now I have my old bible with all my notes on almost every page newly covered with a top grain leather that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much. I took pictures but don't see a way to attach them.

by Bobby Vollrath on AA Leather
Bible Rebound
Leather: lambskin

I had my Bible redone in May of this year with the special that they had at the time with Lambskin. I was kind of leery at first but I must admit after having received it, I was very impressed with the timing of it all, not mention the courtesy of Liz and especially the craftsmanship work that was put into it. I would definitely recommend AA leather to those who wish to have their Bible redone. I can promise you I have two other Bibles I want to get redone and they will get my business. Amazing Job to all !!

by Sara on AA Leather
Leather: Slate Cowhide

I had my bible of 10+ years recovered and when I received my newly recovered bible I was blown away! The slate cowhide is GORGEOUS and very heavy/durable. I couldn't bear to part with my familiar and beloved pages and feel confident that they have preserved for years to come. I have already told several people and will continue to recommend AA Leather to everyone I know.

by Matthew Johnson on AA Leather
So Pleased with What I Recieved...
Leather: Black Calf Skin

The bible that I've had the last 15 years or so was starting to fall apart. Not only did this bible have all my notes from being at University, but it had the footprints of my girls from when they were born on in the inside pages. I sent my bible to AA Leather to be restored and recovered. Not only did they preserve all the things I love about about my bible but they did an AMAZING job on the new calf skin cover. They fixed all the problem areas and put the pages back that were coming out. Their customer service was fantastic, their craftsmanship is first rate, and their turnaround time was so reasonable. Liz from AALeather told me that they guarantee they work for life and said that I won't need to send it in again for repairs. She said my girls will be fighting over my Bible when I'm long gone. If you have a bible that you love that's falling apart and you don't want to loose send it to the folks at AA Leather. I can't speak highly enough for their work.

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