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AA Leather repairs and rebinds Bibles in genuine leathers such as cowhide, goatskin, calfskin, and lambskin. We also do Antique Bible restoration. AA Leather Shoppe offers monogrammed made-to-order leather wallets, leather bracelets, and leather folders. We also sell leather Bibles as well.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Essential Questions

You can book your Bible’s appointment at Book-A-Bible. All you need to do is simply pick a booking slot (we have 5 available per week, and when you "hover" over a week it will tell you how many slots are available for that period. Once you pick your week (simply click on it so that it highlights in gray) just fill out the form below and submit. 🙂 You will be directed to a confirmation page (a confirmation email will also be sent to the email you provided), and it is here that you pay the $25.00 deposit through PayPal to hold your appointment slot. The deposit will go towards your rebind cost. You do not need to set up a PayPal account as you can select the "pay with credit card" option without an account. Also, I would like to let you know that pending your appointment time, you can always change your selections if you change your mind as long as we have adequate notification and leather in stock.
Pricing varies! It depends on the kind of leather you’re interested in and the dimensions of your bible. Pricing by size can be found on each of the different leather pages. Also, if your Bible is in real rough shape, there may be an additional repair fee. That is simply because of the extra labor it takes our binders to return a perfect product to you. None of the prices listed include shipping or any additional extras you choose to perfect your Bible.
Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks from your appointment slot. Although sometimes when our volume of work is heavy, it can take 3-4 weeks. We inform our customers about the turnaround time though! We strive to keep our customers updated at all times!
Most of our work is done via correspondence! The appointment slot is for your Bible to get recovered during that time period. You would send your Bible to us about a week before your time slot. We give customers a call when we’re ready to work on it and confirm all the details. You don’t have to be here in person! However, if you live in the Asheville area, feel free to give us a call to set up a time to stop by during our office hours.
Yes! We have done tons of work for customers outside of the United States. The only difference in that process is that all of our correspondence is done via email. Also, you would be responsible for the additional shipping charges.
The calendar is pretty simple to use. To find the next available date, click the arrows at the top of calendar. Once you find an open week and click on it, it should gray out your selection. If it does not, that means that week is unavailable for other reasons (separate projects or even vacation days). If it does not allow you to select it even if it's white and not red, it is unavailable. Go forward till you find the last booked week (highlighted red) and you should find the next available that will gray out your selection

Leather Questions

Cowhide with a Standard Cover.
Cowhide with a Leather Liner.
All our leathers are very durable! If you’re looking for something to last a lifetime, it would be our Roma Goatskin. We call it our Cadillac of leathers!
All of our leathers are extremely soft! Our softest is our Lambskin. The trade-off in softness is that it is a little less wear-resistant than our other leathers, particularly in lighter colors. We don't typically recommend it for heavy use! However, it is very soft and beautiful.
Our standard covers have a paper liner. They are more cost-effective, but also stiffer. Standard covers are only offered with our Cowhide covers. Our leather liners are typically a Kidskin. They are more flexible, durable, and a nicer upgrade.
Yes! Contact us via email or by phone to get them. Just tell us which ones you'd like to see and provide a shipping address. If we don't have it in stock, we will let you know! Maximum samples: 5

Rebind Questions

Cost Includes: -New Cowhide Cover (Choice of Color) -New Ribbons (up to 7) -New Endsheets -New Headbands -Extra Sheets For Notes (up to 5) -Cover Stamping (Holy Bible, KJV) -Up to 1.5 Hours of Binding Repair. This includes reshaping spine, fixing sewing, page repair, etc. If we expect a bible will exceed 1.5 hour repair time, we will contact you to inform you of excessive repair charges before we proceed. -Does Not Include Extras -Does Not Include Shipping
You needn’t worry about the margins, unless the Bible is falling apart and we have to sew the binding. Even then we are very diligent, especially if you have notes, to fix the binding carefully. All of us at AA Leather are note-takers ourselves and are aware how precious those notes are! If you’re very concerned, you can always leave a note at the bottom of your order form to watch the margins on your Bible. We always take great care, but will take even more if you ask that of us.
Yes, we can! We can even replace missing pages. If we have that same Bible, we can scan those pages and place them in your Bible. If we don't, we can get the same scriptures and translation and place those in there instead. If you have a lot of page repair needed, there may be an additional fee. Every rebind includes 1.5 hours of repair time. If we expect a bible will exceed 1.5 hour repair time, we will contact you to inform you of excessive repair charges before we proceed.
Yes! You can either send it yourself or ship it from a third party! There is an option to select a third party sender on the Book A Bible Slot form. We just ask that you let us know what it is and where it is coming from. Just so there are no mix-ups! If you can include your name in the package, even better!

Stamping Questions

We can stamp anything on our Cover Stamping page for free! We can also stamp your name on the Bible for a $5 charge. If what you would like is not listed, please refer to the following question.
Yes! If it's not available on our cover stamping page, we may be able to do it! We can stamp short phrases or scripture references for an additional fee. If we are unable to stamp it ourselves, you want a whole scripture stamped, or you would like an image, we can custom make a die (stamp). The stamps can be no larger than 2x7. Typically that costs between $25-$50 depending upon the size of the stamp. We don't overcharge for those. We simply charge the cost to create it and get it shipped to us.
We offer gold, silver, brown, black, copper, and rose gold.

Build A Bible Questions

Build A Bible is one of our favorite parts of our website! We sell new or gently used Bibles with an accompanying rebind. Instead of you sending us your Bible, we recover whichever you choose from our available stock! These Bibles are only for sale with an accompanying rebind. The rebind prices for different leathers can be found on each leathers' specific page.
The turnaround for Build A Bible is typically about 3-4 weeks. If it takes longer, we do inform our customers!
It is the purchased Bible cost PLUS the cost of the rebind of your choosing. Pricing can be found on each leathers' specific page.