AA Leather


Our genuine Florida alligator is available in many colors, even more than is listed here so if you are looking for a particular color, let us know!  The gators we purchase for your Bible generates revenues for habitat protection and state wildlife programs.

Please understand that due to the cost of the leather itself, we require payment upfront in order to purchase the hide for your bible.

Rebind Your Bible In Genuine Florida Alligator (Leather Liner Included):

Call or Email for quote – $700-$1100 plus shipping (FL residents – add 7.5% sales tax)

Cost Includes:

  • New FL Alligator Leather Liner Cover
  • New Ribbons (up to 7) 
  • New Endsheets
  • New Headbands
  • Extra Sheets For Notes (up to 5)
  • Name stamping on inside liner
  • Up to 1 Hour of Text Block prep/repair
    • This includes reshaping spine, fixing sewing, page repair, etc.
    • If we expect a bible will exceed 1 hour prep/repair time, we will contact you to inform you of excessive repair charges before we proceed.