AA Leather


Your Bible rebind includes stamping on the front and/or spine of your new leather Bible cover, including:

    1. Holy Bible or one of our available title stamps
    2. Translation stamp – Spelled out or abbreviated – If the translation is too wide to fit on the spine of your Bible, we will stamp the abbreviation, i.e. ESV
    3. Publisher & Info stamps
    4. Available specialty stamps

Custom Stamping
Any custom stamping is extra.  Names are an extra $10 add-on. You can select block, monogram, stymie or script lettering (see pic below).  Other custom spelled out titles are generally $5-10 per line depending on size.  We can also order a custom die with your logo or any other artwork.  Please call us at 904-652-5778 or email us at info@aaleather.com for more information.